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Proposed service

prestation proposée

We offer support in the construction of agricultural and industrial buildings of more than 500m2 in the Poitou-Charentes, Center-Val-de-Loire and Limousin regions.

  • Benefit from new agricultural and artisanal buildings, adapted to your needs

  • Limit your financial participation, thanks to our win / win policy

  • We take care of all the construction costs of the new buildings on your land, in return for the installation of solar panels on the roofs

The projects are framed by 30-year construction leases, signed by your notary (fees payable by us).


At the end of the 30 years of operation, you become the full owner of the installation and we dismantle the plant if you wish.

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Protect your material and your production

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Store your straw and fodder

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Create your workshop

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Shelter your animals

détails des coûts

Cost allocation details


At our expense

  • Submission of the building permit, architect surveyor fees

  • All preliminary technical studies (soil, concrete and structural studies)

  • Foundations

  • Frame

  • Anti-condensation 75/100 steel roofing

  • Design and control offices fees

  • Notary fees for the construction lease

  • All costs related to photovoltaics: connection, solar panels, inverters

  • Roofs maintenance

  • Buildings insurance for 30 years

At your expense

  • Earthworks and technical trench between the inverter room and the transformer

  • Cladding and rainwater drainage if required




Interested? Contact us

2 .

Planning of a site visit to validate the technical feasibility of the project: assessment of the sunlight and of the electricity grid connection capacity


Submission of the building permit with our architect


Start of construction within 12 months, after obtaining the building permit


Regular and precise follow-up of the building site


Delivery of the Building, for the finishes: evacuation of rainwater, cladding (we can provide you with solutions from our carpenter partners).

The entire process is spread over an average of 18 months: from the filing of the building permit to the delivery of your building.

After commissioning, cover of insurance (excluding content),and building maintenance for the duration of the lease (30 years).

You have a project?

Contact us to learn more!

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